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KALLAX 4×4, 147x147cm, Black-brown
KALLAX 3×4, 112x147cm, White
KALLAX hanging organiser, Light grey
KALLAX insert with 2 drawers, Black-brown
KALLAX 1×4, 42x147cm, Black-brown
ONSKLIG storage baskets for changing table set of 4, White
SUNNERSTA Container, 12x11cm, White
KVISTBRO Storage table, 44cm, White
VARIERA Shelf insert, 32x28x16cm, White
KUGGIS Box with lid, 37x54x21cm, White
RISATORP Basket, 25x26x18cm, Red
VARIERA Box, 24x17cm, White
FJALLBO TV stand, 150x36x54cm, Black
NIKKEBY Chest of 4 drawers, 84x70cm, Red
FABRIKOR Glass-door cabinet, 81x113cm, Light yellow
FABRIKOR Glass-door cabinet, 57x150cm, Dark Grey
POANG Armchair, Birch veneer & knisa black
LIXHULT Cabinet, 35x60cm, Metal/red
VITTSJO Laptop table, 35x65cm, White/glass
MALERAS Picture ledge, 75cm, Bamboo
KLIPSK Bed tray, Grey
VISBACK Poster hanger, 61cm, Bamboo
BRADA Laptop support, Black
BERGENES Holder for phone/tablet, Bamboo
MOJLIGHET Stand for headphones and tablet/phone, Black
SOCKERBIT Box with lid, 38x25x15cm, White
LUSTIGT Wall shelf, 37x37cm
FLISAT Children’s desk, adjustable
VIKHAMMER bedside table, 40x39cm, Black
KALLAX 2×4, 77x147cm, White stained oak effect
KALLAX 2×2, 77x77cm, White
BULLIG Box (2020), 32x35x33cm, Bamboo/brown
DRONA box, Black
BRANAS basket, White
KUGGIS Box with lid, 37x54x21cm, White
SUNNERSTA Rail with 5 hooks and 2 containers, White
SAXBORGA Storage box with mirror lid, 24x17cm, Plastic cork
SOCKERBIT Container with cover, 50x77x19cm, White
KUGGIS Box with lid, 26x35cm, White
RISATORP Basket, 25x26x18cm, Blue
FLISAT Children’s table, 83×58 cm
IVAR Cabinet with doors, 80x83cm, Grey mesh
NIKKEBY Chest of 2 drawers, 46x70cm, Grey green
FABRIKOR Glass-door cabinet, 81x113cm, Black-blue
FABRIKOR Glass-door cabinet, 57x150cm, Pale grey-green
POANG Footstool, Birch veneer & knisa black
LIXHULT Cabinet, 35x35cm, Metal/orange
POANG Footstool, Birch veneer & knisa black
MELLOSA Picture ledge, 60cm, Transparent
BYLLAN Laptop support, Ebbarp black/white
ROMMA Cable management box with lid, White
ISBERGET Tablet stand, 25x25cm, White
FJANTIG Hooks, 3 pack, Black
MOJLIGHET Stand for headphones and tablet/phone, Re
SOCKERBIT Container, 19x26x15cm, White
SANDVIVA oven glove, silicone/blue
SOLGUL Wall shelf, 60x19cm, White
MICKE desk, 73cm, White

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