Custom Made Blinds

Silver Thread Interiors offer a complete service for custom made blinds. From Measurement to Selection, Manufacture to Specification and finally installation. These blinds vary from indoor to outdoor usage, simple aluminium venetian (horizontal slatted) to remote operated blinds that open at the touch of a button.

The blinds are sourced from three different suppliers allowing us to cater for any customer's specific requirements. These ranges include Aluminium Venetian, Wood Venetian, Synthetic Wood Venetian, Fabric Vertical, Aluminium Vertical, Bamboo Roller & Roman, Fabric Roller & Fabric Roman Blinds. Uses range from standard installation inside the reveal of a window to face mounted in front of a window, indoor & outdoor specific blinds and blinds that can be installed under skylights allowing the customer to cut out any access light during hours of the day when the sun is directly over your home.

Product Ranges of Blinds

Silver Thread Interiors is a Luxaflex Gallery Dealer - a specialst dealer, trained and equipped to assist with any requirement. We have the product knowledge to advise on best usage and assist you to select the best product for your requirements from both Local and Imported ranges. Click here to view the Luxaflex Gallery page

Luxaflex Gallery

Aluminium Venetian Blinds:

Traditionally available in either 16mm or 25mm wide slats, these have been the standard option blinds in the past but have now evolved with differing finishing touches available on slats and now also a 50mm slat option. The range starts with the standard semi-gloss finish in a variety of colours and expands with the inclusion of perforated, exotic, marble, wood print and supermatt options. Aluminium Venetians remain the most popular option for areas requiring a cost effective window treatment, simple to install, low on maintenance and simple to clean.


50mm Aluminium Venetian

Wood Venetian Blinds:

Wood Venetian Blinds have always been a very restricting option in the past with high costs and not being able to use these blinds in area with moisture. With the recent averaging out of the cost and also the introduction of the synthetic wood blind, you are now able to use these blinds in any window, in any room in your home. The synthetic wood blind has been manufactured with a slight detail that resembles the grain of wood and colours have also been matched, making it difficult at times to differentiate between the real and synthetic option. Usage ranges from areas with moisture and now also windows which receive direct sunlight at a reduction of the cost of a real wood blind.


Wood Venetian

Vertical Blinds:

Great for use in offices or areas with large windows or sliding doors, vertical blinds offer the option to be able to completely close a window by tilting the slats to the closed position or tilt the slats to the open position and slide them to either or both ends to completely reveal an open space. Now also available in aluminium slats with a metallic finish or wood print to match a room with a natural setting. Vertical blinds offer the most cost effective option to covering a wide, high, open space in a home or office space.

Vertical Panel Blind

 Vertical Panel Blind

Bamboo Blinds:

For the natural, earthy look room in a home, we have a range of woven bamboo and reed blinds that blend in and add to the feel of the room. These are available in fabrics that completely block out any light from entering the room and range to fabrics that when
closed still allow light to enter. Also, styles of blinds include roller and Roman blinds, the latter folds the fabric in a cascading manner for a look that still shows the weave or detail in the bamboo when the blind has opened up. All bamboo blinds now include a cord-locking mechanism and valance as standard, the mechanism allows you to draw a blind and lock it into place at a preferred height, the valance hides the mechanism from view for a neater finish.


  Bamboo Roller

Fabric Roman & Roller Blinds:

For a warmer, softer look, fabric blinds are also available in Roller style and Roman (Cascade style folding blinds) which can be made to order from a standard range of fabrics or alternatively can also be made from any curtain fabric of your choice. Roller blinds are made with a roller mechanism which also allows you to stop the blind at a preferred height and not necessarily fully open or closed. Roman Blinds are stitched with the structure of the blind done in the backing fabric and controlled with a cord which is strung through the blind, though if required, a mechanism can be added to the blind which allows for control similar to the roller blind.


Roman Blind